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- Be Amazed -

Dolomite Marble Collection

Going Natural with MAQSTONE

Since the Beginning of Times


Taking millions of years to achieve its colors and textures, natural stone is one of the oldest building materials known by mankind.


Quarry with Care

All of our quarries follow ecological plans and are operating under legal documentation


We work with stones quarried exclusively by us, making our materials even more unique.

Exclusive Selection

Eco-Friendly Production


The water used in our manufacturing process goes under an eco-friendly cleaning treatment so it can be reutilized.

Each Slab is Unique

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As each stone is designed by nature, it is impossible to have a slab completely identical from another, making each piece as special.

Architectural Versatility 


Natural Stone can come in many different colors, textures,

 and sizes, making easy to match elegance and quality to any project.

Stay In Touch.

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Rod. Engenheiro Fabiano Vivacqua, S/N – Km 12
Duas Barras - Cachoeiro de Itapemirim

ES – Brasil


Tel: + 55 (28) 3539-8088

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