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Our Story:

MAQSTONE was born in 2001, founded by an outsider who saw an opportunity to be different in the Brazilian city of Cachoeiro de Itapemirim, the major producer of ornamental stones in the country.


With a lot of courage, hard work, and the belief in the singularity of natural stone, our team gained global presence exporting the materials we quarry with care all around the world.


Today, with the continuous investment in our team and quality Italian machinery, we can combine efficiency and quality in our process, making our stones the best it can be.

We also count with multiple active quarries of Dolomite Marbles, Soapstones, Quartzites and more, allowing us a consistent supply of exclusive natural stones.


We keep searching for innovative technology to improve what is extraordinary  by nature.

Maqstone Technology

We care about everyone involved in every single step of the process.

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We believe that natural is better, uniqueness is creative and limitless, just like our stones.

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